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Credits for Spacetrek3D goes to the authors and numerous contributors of xtrek, netrek and netrek II and of course to SourceForge for hosting the project.

Spacetrek Developers:
Stefan Stapelberg, Alexander Rawass
Paradise Developers:
Larry Deny, Robert Forsman, Brandon Gillespie, Kurt Olsen
Paradise Contributors (In alphabetical order):
Terence Chang, Andy McFadden, Joe Rumsey, Bill Dyess, Mike McGrath, Kurt Siegl, Jerry Frain, Matthew Mead,
Rado Smiljanic, Robert Glamm, Eric Mehlaff, Nick Trown, T. Hadley, Gary Parnes, Joe Young, Heath A. Kehoe, Sujal Patel

Several copyrights apply for the various parts of the software:

Copyright © 1986 Chris Guthrie
Copyright © 1989 Kevin P. Smith, Scott Silvey
NETREK II -- Paradise
Copyright © 1993 Larry Denys, Kurt Olsen, Brandon Gillespie
Copyright © 2002 Stefan Stapelberg

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