Spacetrek3D - Usage

Beside the spacetrek binary you will need access to a netrek server to test the program. Probably you find an active server at the Netrek Homepage, but note that some servers require clients to authenticate itself to ensure that this is an "officially blessed" client. Spacetrek3D is not (yet?) an officially blessed client, so you might get kicked off of the server shortly after selecting a team.

For testing purposes I then and when set up a server at, but since it is no official netrek server, you might be the only player which is somewhat boring. But at least you can try the commands and get some experience (try the command '*' to start a practice robot).

To start spacetrek, simply type the following command (note the uppercase 'H', it has been changed since last version):

spacetrek -H netrek-server

Spacetrek first shows the login screen. Log in using the anonymous account "guest" or using a nickname (will become a registered account after its first use).

After successful login, the outfit window appears. On the left you will see the "message of the day" from the server (not yet fully implemented). On the right you see the team choice window for the four races and a quit button. Choose a team by clicking on either the Federation, Romulan, Klingon or Orion symbol.

The following commands are currently implemented (some work only if enabled by the server):

0-9 set speed (0 = stop, 1..9 = Impulse 1 .. 9)
CTRL-# set speed (CTRL-1 .. CTRL-9 = Impulse 10 .. 19)
# half impulse
% max impulse
< decrease speed by one
> increase speed by one
CTRL-- (CTRL-minus) suspend warp toggle
` afterburner
- warp
! toggle kitchen sink
@ start user-defined timer
CTRL-T toggle timer type (server time, ship time, real time, user time, star time)
k set course
t launch photon torpedo
f launch plasma torpedo
p fire photon phaser
[ deactivate shield
] activate shield
u activate/deactivate shield (toggle)
b bomb planet
o dock at nearby starbase or orbit planet
d detonate other torpedos
D detonate own torpedos
* send in practice robot
Q quit the game
The following commands are extensions only available in spacetrek and have slightly other or no meaning at all in netrek
left arrow turn ship left
right arrow turn ship right
q increase angle of camera
a decrease angle of camera
z turn camera to the left
x turn camera to the right
s increase zoom factor
w decrease zoom factor
down arrow increase distance between camera and ship (for testing only)
up arrow decrease distance between camera and ship (for testing only)
r reset camera position to initial default
F1 toggle between wing view and animated camera
F2 switch to pilot view (use F1 to switch back to wing view)
F9 show axis at ship's origin (for testing only)
F10 enable/disable planet and ship textures
F12 enable/disable lighting (for testing only)
ESC exit the program without properly disconnecting from the server

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