Spacetrek3D - An OpenGL-based 3D netrek client

Spacetrek3D is an OpenGL-based 3D netrek client. Like all other netrek clients you fly around in a space ship shooting friends and conquering planets, but unlike other clients you see the universe in 3D (note that it is not "true" 3D when using standard netrek servers, since the coordinate system of netrek is 2D only, but the view of the scene is 3D; this might change somewhen in the future when a Spacetrek3D server becomes available).

Spacetrek3D is a rewrite of the latest version of the netrek II / Paradise client (see this page for credits). The software runs on any system which supports OpenGL and the GLUT OpenGL Utility Toolkit. Although the client is in a very early state and has only very minimal functionality so far, I make the software available here for early access. If you want to contribute to Spacetrek3D, you're mostly welcome.

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